Presentando Cine Tonalá: El vibrante lugar para el Festival de Cortometrajes Mirada Corta.

As we embark on our inaugural year, we are thrilled to announce that our annual event will take place at the vibrant and eclectic Cine Tonalá.
Situated in the heart of Mexico City, Cine Tonalá has earned its reputation as an alternative cultural hub, attracting both film enthusiasts and lovers of artistic expression. Nestled in the Roma Sur neighborhood, known for its hipster and bohemian vibes, this unique venue provides the perfect backdrop for our short film festival.

What sets Cine Tonalá apart is its unwavering dedication to promoting independent and author-driven cinema, making it an ideal host for Mirada Corta. With a focus on showcasing Mexican and international short films, Cine Tonalá embraces the spirit of creativity and exploration that our festival embodies.

Cine Tonalá’s bar offers an array of exotic drinks and snacks.

But Cine Tonalá offers more than just a cinema experience. Immerse yourself in a multifaceted world of arts and culture as you explore the various offerings within its walls. Discover thought-provoking documentaries, immerse yourself in captivating theater performances, and delve into mesmerizing exhibitions. Engage in lively discussions during insightful conferences, laugh out loud at stand-up comedy shows, and dive into the literary world with book presentations.

Cine Tonalá’s 80s-style movie theater.

Don’t forget to indulge your taste buds at Cine Tonalá’s splendid restaurant, where you can savor mouthwatering wood-fired pizzas, delightful pasta dishes, and refreshing salads. And for those seeking an exotic and electrifying atmosphere, the bar boasts a range of high-voltage drinks that will tantalize your senses.

The ambiance at Cine Tonalá is an experience in itself. Step into a space that exudes a distinct European-inspired charm, with industrial decor and vibrant colors that add a touch of whimsy. You can relax in comfortable 80s-style seats while enjoying independent cinema or find solace in one of the cozy armchairs, indulging in a good book from their specialized bookstore.

As Mirada Corta makes its debut at Cine Tonalá this year, we invite you to join us in celebrating the power and beauty of short films. Immerse yourself in a world where storytelling knows no bounds, where innovation and imagination reign supreme. Cine Tonalá provides the perfect setting to cultivate a community of passionate film lovers and foster connections among talented filmmakers.
Come and be a part of this extraordinary experience. Step into the realm of Mirada Corta at Cine Tonalá, where the magic of short films comes to life.