A desperate mother who wants to reconnect with her son. On the complexity of depression and grief and search for understanding and absolution.


During a night of doubt, Marc, a carer dreaming of becoming a chef, has to admit to Quentin, his friend with a motor disability whom he has been taking care of on a daily basis for years, that he will surely not return to work on the following day.


After a tragedy Andrzej is trying to move on. But revenge stands in the way of life. Only one question remains – a shotgun or a hammer?


A woman living with her husband’s abscence rethinks her priorities after an incident with their children.


Tomás, a young mechanic stuck in a side road town, finds the opportunity to go to Mexico City and try to fulfill his dream of being a great bullfighter; but leaving is not easy, first, he must face and cut the ties that bind him to that place where nothing seems to happen.


A teenager in search of recognition, a worker ready to do anything to hit the jackpot, a senior executive at the end of his career who wants to prove to himself that he is still alive. Three characters who are losing speed on the competition highway…