Meet The Jury of Mirada Corta

Beyond the glamour of the red carpet and the flashes, one of the pillars of a festival is the jury. Each member of the jury is unique and independent, which encourages diversity in a festival. Once the lineup is revealed, the competition begins for the jurors, who strive to promote and crown their favorites as champions in a film competition.

Jurors are professionals who evaluate films technically and aesthetically, but as artists, they also establish an emotional connection with each film and often become ambassadors for their favorite films. Filmmakers have a unique opportunity when they find the space to exchange words with a juror and discuss this fantastic art called cinema with their creative peers.

Mirada Corta’s Jury Board.

This year, we proudly and enthusiastically celebrate the introduction of the jury members, bringing the perspectives of these renowned artists to the first International Short Film Showcase of Mirada Corta. The 2023/2024 jury is composed of filmmakers and distinguished film professionals: the prestigious director Kenya Márquez, winner of over 25 awards, who was also a member of the National System of Creators and has directed the Guadalajara International Film Festival; Percival Argüero Mendoza, a graduate of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the Cinematographic Training Center, winner of the Silver Medal at the Academy Student Oscars; director Rommel Villa, winner of the Student Oscar; producer Chantal Rodríguez, recently nominated to the Ariel Awards and winner at the DOCSMX festival with her short film El Viajero Subterráneo ; Alfredo Castruita from Los Angeles Film School, known for his feature film POTOSÍ , winner as Best Mexican Film at the Guanajuato festival and three times nominee to the Ariel Awards; director and cinematographer Sergio Ruiz Velasco de Alba director of the film Longings Yet To Be ; and young director Diego Sepulveda, former student at the École International de Création Audiovisuelle et Réalisation in Paris, the Tisch School of the Arts in New York, and the Academy of Arts in San Francisco. Completing the jury for 2023/2024 are Léa Soler, a young French filmmaker and director of the acclaimed short film Corpúsculo, and Andrea Porras, a producer renowned for her work on Sweet Potatoes, a Student Oscar winning film.

As we eagerly await the decisions of our jury, the stage is set for an unforgettable celebration of cinema at the inaugural edition of Mirada Corta.